Great satisfaction survey

Each year we undertake surveys of both complainants and members to get feedback as to how well we are doing. Dispute resolution schemes are measured by their effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, independence, fairness and accountability.

There are no better judges than the users of the scheme - our scheme members and complainants- to tell us what they think of our processes and service. With money involved the environment is ripe for dissatisfaction, so we need to ensure that those principals are maintained .But we want more than just that. As clichéd as it may seem, we endeavour to exceed our client’s expectations with our service and try to add some value to their lives and businesses whilst we are at it.


Our aim is for complainants to consider our process accessible, efficient, independent and fair. Our independent researcher ResearchNZ canvasses complainants at the end of each month after their case is closed. We did not send surveys to the non-residents (of online forex platforms). We had a good 33% response rate from New Zealand complainants.

81% of complainants rated the scheme’s service as either satisfactory or very satisfactory and gave us a net promoter score of +57 (+10 is good). This is an excellent result which reflects well on the scheme’s processes and service, as for quite a number, the outcome would not be what they had wanted.

Complainant satisfaction survey results 











92% of members surveyed told us they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the FDRS service. It was especially pleasing to note the 110% increase in Net Promoter Score to +42 (+10 considered good).

Given the relatively low level of complaint enquiry overall, it was pleasing that at 25% surveyed, we struck such a relatively high level of members who told us they had a complaint involving FDRS in the previous 12 months. We were pleased that 91% of those members told us they either agreed or strongly agreed that FDRS was fair and impartial. There will inevitably be those who have received decisions against them who do not agree. Nevertheless we need to ensure that they believe the process to be fair and impartial.

84% of total respondents thought that staff were prompt and efficient - 8% sat on the fence.

Member satisfaction survey results