Warning, Members Terminated

The following members have had their FDR membership terminated because they failed to abide by the Reserve Scheme Rules

  1. IB Capital NZ LLP - membership terminated 18/07/2012 and deregistered from FSPR 18/07/2012
  2. Goodsense Investments Limited - membership terminated 18/06/2013 and deregistered from FSPR 18/06/2013. Struck off from Companies Office register 15/05/2013.
  3. GML Golder Markets Ltd were deregistered from the FSPR on 04/09/2012. Their FDR membership was terminated on 11/09/2012.

Complaints about these organisations can still be considered by FDR if the issue arose whilst they were a member of FDR the Reserve Scheme. However be advised that our ability to assist complainants may be limited as we have lost contact with the companies and their directors.