Tourist delighted with FDRS intervention even though issue outside jurisdiction

Mr D, a tourist to New Zealand went to hire a rental car. He was asked to pay a bond, refundable on return of the car, undamaged. Mr D made the payment on his credit card.

Mr D duly returned the car undamaged, but despite repeated requests the rental company failed to refund the bond.

He approached the credit card provider who advised that they could not refund the bond as they had not received the required faxed authorisation from the rental company.

Mr D contacted FDRS.

The rental car company was not a registered financial service provider, nor a member of FDRS. However the FDRS facilitator took it upon herself to help our foreign visitor and rang the rental car company for contact details for their complaints department.

These details were passed onto Mr D who made a formal written complaint to the rental car company.

Three days later FDR received a call from Mr D advising that the rental car company had got back to him and that the funds were released that day.

Mr D was very grateful for FDRS's assistance and delighted with the outcome.