Insurance company agrees to replace lost phone

Mr X purchased a mobile phone from Company Y on deferred payment terms. The repayments included insurance underwritten by Company Z.

The salesperson assured Mr X that he could use a SIM card of his existing telecommunications carrier.

A short time later after a night out, Mr X discovered the phone was missing. He made a claim under his insurance policy to Company Z to replace the phone.

Company Z declined the claim after learning from Company Y that the phone had not been used whilst lost, and that their records showed it had not been used at all. Mr X explained that this was because he was using a different SIM card, however Company Z still declined teh claim, stating that the policy excluded cover for a phone left unattended.

Mr X was unhappy with the decision as he was adamant that the phone had not been left unattended. He contacted FDR for information about how to resolve his dispute.

FDR explained that he must first lodge a formal complaint with Company Z, advising how Mr X could do this.

Mr X made his formal complaint to Company Z unsuccessfully and called FDR again with the full details of the issue. FDR then presented this information to Company Z.

Soon afterwards Mr X called to say that Company Z had accepted his claim and that his phone was to be replaced.

Mr X was extremely happy and thanked FDR for everything they had done to help.