Consumer awareness leads to an increase in complaints

Recent roadshows to consumer groups in the upper half of the North Island, facilitated by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, have led to an increase in complaint enquiries received at FDR.

FDR and the other financial dispute resolution schemes - the Banking Ombudsman, the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman and Financial Service Complaints Limited - joined other agencies to advise consumer representatives such as Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Law Centres and Budget Advisory Services about what their agencies can do to help consumers, and how to access the services they provide.

The messages were very well received and understood, and there has been an increase in complaint enquiries since.

To date, FDR has received 33 complaint enquiries with 66% relating to 'insufficient product or service information', and the remainder relating to disputed charges, disclosure, inappropriate debt collection action, default notices, interpretation of policy or terms, delay or failure to follow instructions, service quality, and unauthorised transactions.