What's covered

Before making a complaint, check that it's something FDRS can help you with.

FDRS can consider a complaint if:

  • the complaint is about a Scheme Member, or, if the financial service provider is no longer a member of FDRS, the complaint is about an event that happened while the financial service provider was a Scheme Member

  • the complaint relates to an alleged breach of a contract, a statutory obligation, an industry code, or any other legal obligation or to an unfair practice (but need not be stated in this way in the complaint)

  • the complaint is from a person or organisation (defined as having fewer than 20 full-time equivalent employees) that has received, or has been refused access to, the financial service complained about

  • the consumer is a retail client (not a wholesale client)

What isn't covered?

  • The performance of financial investments

  • A Scheme Member’s fees unless there is a dispute about how they have been applied

  • A Scheme Member’s general policies and practices, although a complaint can be made about how these policies were applied or administered

  • The maximum compensation than can be awarded is $200,000; complaints can be brought to FDRS that involve more than $200,000, but the maximum compensation that FDRS can award still applies

  • FDRS cannot consider a complaint that has been made in another forum such as a Court or Tribunal; a complaint that has already been considered by FDRS; if a  reasonable settlement offer has already been made, or if FDRS decides the complaint is frivolous or vexatious; any complaints that do not fall within FDRS’s jurisdiction will also not be progressed.

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