Conciliation is a cost effective, hassle free way of resolving a dispute

Through the skillful work of a FDR conciliator, a mortgage company comes to the party even though borrower misunderstood the fine print.

Angela inherited some money and decided to use it to reduce her home loan. Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy, because the home loan agreement she’d signed included a number of special conditions.

The mortgage company did offer her some other options, but because Angela didn’t fully understand them she contacted FDR for help.

The FDR conciliator spent many hours learning about the dispute and talking to Angela and the mortgage company. He reviewed the options and came up with some new ones, and encouraged both Angela and the mortgage company to see the issue from different perspectives.

By the end of the process Angela understood more clearly the terms of the original agreement, the mortgage company’s offer and the choices available to her. She agreed to one of the original options, with a slight variation, and signed a ‘settlement agreement’ with the mortgage company.

This was a good result. By working early with the FDR conciliator to resolve the issue, Angela and the mortgage company saved what could have been a lot of frustration, time and money, and avoided any need to take the dispute to adjudication or court.

FDR often finds that time spent problem-solving early in a dispute can save everyone a lot of worry and expense later.